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Thank you for visiting the official site of Quality Garage Door Services of Clermont! We are so glad that you took the time to check us out and hope that we can assist you with your garage door related needs.

If you are looking for Clermont garage door repair and service, Quality Garage Door Services is #1 for both residential and commercial. We have been serving the Clermont community for over 30 years and are proud to have earned the trust of many of your friends and neighbors. There are many Clermont garage door service companies to choose from these days and we simply desire to earn your business and show you how we can become your goto garage door services company for life. Our philosophy is to deliver Quality service and Quality products with high level of workmanship and detail in a friendly manner at the lowest cost. By doing so we might earn your repeated business and hopefully have you as a customer for life.

Quality Garage Door Services of Clermont is a fully licensed, family owned business that is local to Clermont. We provide same day Clermont garage door service at low, affordable prices. If you need expert overhead garage door service along the lines of broken garage door spring replacement, fixing loose cables, programming garage door remotes or any other related service that gets your garage door back up and running, we can help you with that!

No matter how big or small the job, whether residential or commercial, Clermont garage door repair and service is our specialty. We have been around for many years and plan on being around for many more. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you so please give us a call today! We are waiting for your call


Need Clermont garage door repair? We are so glad that you found us and hope you will give us a call! We are the #1 garage door repair company in Clermont! Quality Garage Door services specializes in high quality repairs at very low prices. All of our repairs are done by a highly trained, professional garage door service technician and the parts are all high quality and built to last. We never use cheap parts or fix garage door issues only so you’ll have to get them fixed again in the near future. Our goal is to get you back in business fast but also to have a safe, well running system that will last for a long time. We do this for a low, affordable price so that you will always call us back if you ever have issues again or if you desire a new garage door or opener! Our repair philosophy is high quality, low cost, fast and friendly service! We are licensed and supremely qualified to repair all residential and commercial garage doors. Call us today!


Do you know that your garage door uses a spring? Most people don’t! Not those old extension springs that flip up and down your old 70s garage door. The Torsion spring is the coil above your garage door that “lifts” the weight of that 400+ pound garage door. When that spring finally fails, many times it breaks in two pieces! When that happens, give Quality Garage Door Services a call- we are broken garage door spring replacement specialists! This is a very dangerous job. Never attempt to replace a garage door spring on your own and torque up- build up the tension- in the spring. One false move and the spring can spin out of control and cause serious injury or in some cases death. We are licensed, trained and very experienced garage door spring replacement specialists. We can do the job safely and do it affordably. Call us today in Clermont if you need garage door spring replacement!


Is your garage door company licensed, bonded and insured? Many companies may be bonded and insured but getting a business license in the State of Florida to work on garage doors appears rare these days. It is required by law and any company that does not have a business license is doing illegal work! On top of that, you the homeowner will be held liable if your garage door is not serviced or installed to code with a permit. You can also be fined for having an unpermitted garage door. Getting a business license isnt easy in Florida because you need a General Contractors License. Most unprofessional garage door service companies dont want to spend the money or take the time to get a GC so they just do garage door repairs without a license. Make sure you get a reputable, experienced and licensed garage door service company to work on your garage door! That unlicensed company may not even be around when you need them to come back!


Our family has been providing excellent service to the Clermont community for over 30 years and plan on doing so for many more! Quality Garage Door Services is a name that Clermont residents and business owners know and trust. We are dependable, prompt, honest and fair. We always make sure things are done right and if they are not we make them right. We have a 100% guarantee and our owner will come out personally if need be to make sure your garage door is repaired or installed correctly. We provide the best warranties in the business and you can rest assured that we will be around to honor them. Many other companies have little experience and a low likelyhood of being around to honor any warranties on the work they do. They may come back next year under a new name but good luck getting them to fix an issue that you are entitled to service on. We hope that you call us and allow us to earn your business. Thank you.


Do you need a new garage door opener? Are you in the market for a new overhead garage door? Quality Garage Door Services of Clermont is the #1 sales and installation provider of new garage doors and openers! We have installed more new garage doors and openers in Clermont than any other company. Using nothing but the very best brand name garage doors and garage door openers, Quality Garage Door Services provides skilled and detailed installation that will ensure your safety and the long life of your door without disruptive issues. We will make the whole process very easy and walk you through the options you have today with garage doors and garage door openers. Don’t be intimidated- we will clearly give you the options you desire and make sure that everything falls within your specified budget. Call us today if you are in the market for a new garage door opener in Clermont!


Are you in a situation where your garage door repair can’t wait? We can help! We know that your garage door can cause a tremendous inconvenience if it wont open. You need to get in or out and you need it to happen now! Quality Garage Door Services of Clermont provides same day overhead garage door service to get you back in action fast. We even provide one hour emergency garage door repair if you need extremely fast service. We do not take advantage of our customers and charge only for the labor and parts we use. We want you to be happy and get back on with your life and call us again in the future if you need help. We can even give you a 20 minute courtesy call when we are on our way so that you don’t have to be sitting in your house just waiting for us in the expected time window. You are busy with your life tasks so we make it as easy as possible. Call us today if you need same day, Quality garage door repair and service!


Commercial garage doors and openers are very specialized products that are heavy duty and built to endure serious usage. When these products fail to perform, you need a highly qualified, professional, experienced technician to fix or replace them. Do not ever trust a residential technician to fix a commercial garage door problem. Yes both products have similarities but there is a reason why most residential garage door service companies do not work on commercial garage doors. They are very specialized and need the right parts and workmanship. We have been servicing and repairing commercial garage doors affordably for many years. We have earned the business and the trust of many commercial building managers who need prompt, professional commercial garage door repair. If you need commercial garage door or opener service in Clermont please give us a call. We will be glad to help.


When we say low, affordable prices, we mean it! We know that price is one of the most important factors in new garage door and opener sales as well as garage door repair. We know very well how hard it is to manage your home as it is without paying a bunch to fix your garage door. Everything we do, we keep the cost in mind. Without sacrificing on quality of workmanship or quality of products, we make sure that you pay the lowest amount possible so that you get the best for the least! Remember, we also want you keep coming back to us for years to come so that is how we stay in business and keep our costs much lower than the competition. All our repairs are done to last and each time we work on a garage door or opener we make sure that our service meets extremely high standards. If you are looking for the lowest, most competitive prices but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, call Quality Garage Door Services today.

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